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What keeps you up at night? (other than your actual kids)

What would happen if illness or injury prevented you from earning an income? How would you take care of your family? Even worse – what if you were no longer here to provide for them? We can help!

Welcomed a new baby, got into your first home or ready for the step up to your dream home? You work hard, have a growing family and have even started to accumulate some wealth – now is the time to protect it.

With rising costs all around us many young families are living month to month to make it work. You’re not alone! We can implement a few simple strategies to make sure that even on your darkest days the ones you love are looked after.


We have your family covered!

  • Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Child Plan – Insured Long Term Savings plan for the kids – Access cash to pay for school, weddings, down payment on a home
  • Estate Planning – How do we keep the family cabin in the family?
  • Savings Plan – Structured correctly Insurance can be integral to your family’s financial plan

You can’t build the life of your dreams without a plan

Let’s create your financial blueprint