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Designing the optimum plan often involves combining multiple services. We can’t wait to talk to you about your business and longterm goals in order to provide the best plan.

Health & Dental Plans

Offer quality health and dental insurance plans for you and your staff. You can protect your employees, protect your business, maintain productivity, attract and retain key talent and provide tax efficient compensation. We personally build and review your benefits regularly to make sure you have the best coverage that suits your company’s needs.

Partnership Agreements/Buy/ Sell

A partnership agreement is a contract between business owners to outline the terms of their relationship. One of the key elements of this contract is what will happen in the event of the untimely death or major disability to one of the business partners. In most cases a business owner does not suddenly wish to be in a partnership with the surviving spouse or other family members and thus would need to come up with the capital to purchase those shares and take control of the company. A simple life insurance or disability policy would protect the surviving business owner by providing the capital to make the purchase.

Group Retirement

Attract and retain top quality employees by adding a group RRSP to your employee compensation package.  A group RRSP is a collection of individual RRSPs organized by you the employer.  The employees make contributions through payroll deductions and as the employer you may chose to match those contributions. 

“Offering a group RRSP will demonstrate that you care about your employees financial future and by participating in your group plan they will have access to lower management fees that would not be available to them as individuals.”

There is no cost to you as the employer unless you chose to contribute to the RRSP plans for your employees.

Corporate Wealth Protection

You’ve worked hard to build your company – now it’s time to protect the wealth and legacy you’ve created.  Often you the business owner are still one of the most critical players in the future success of your organization.  Some careful planning with a few key strategies you protect can – the business owner and protect the financial wealth of your organization. Business Overhead insurance, Disability Income Replacement, Executive Health Plans, Health Spending Accounts, Critical Illness Coverage and Immediate Financing Arrangements all can play important roles.

Corporate Retirement Solutions

The corporate preferred retirement solution can help decrease your corporate taxes and increase your cash flow in retirement.  Simply redirect some of your surplus business income into a permanent life insurance policy rather than into taxable investments.

Family Life Insurance Planning

Protect what matters most with family life insurance planning.  Whether you’ve had a new baby or bought a new home we will build a plan that protects your most valuable assets – your loved ones.

Mortgage Protections Plans, Term Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and future savings plans for children.