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Protect What Matters Most

The OBEO Promise


We lean in. We’re all in on building, executing, and following these plans for you long term. Our attention to detail and professional service always goes above and beyond.


Experts in our field; we’ve also spent a collective lifetime working with business owners and understanding their unique needs.


The key to a cohesive plan relies on the collaboration of your professional service providers. Benefits, Wealth Accumulation and Protection – we cover all the bases.


Change is the only constant, so consider us part of your team. Annual reviews and adjustments are just part of our service.

What Makes Us Unique

We CARE – a lot, actually – more than most.

We can’t think of anything that matters more than helping hard working, determined, passionate and loving people protect what they have created and provide for future generations.

The Right Coverage for Your Family

What would happen if illness or injury prevented you from earning an income to support your family?  We can help!

Services for Your Business

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Let’s make sure your business can’t be taken from you.

An Umbrella for Professionals

As an established professional we know that you’ve invested in yourself for YEARS to get to where you are today. Protect your hard work.

Caring for Your Employees

Whether you are new to the world of Employee Benefits or looking for a change to your current plan, we can help.


Are you prepared for tomorrow?

Protect what matters most and let us help you with a custom plan.